Customer FAQs

SS-Mobile is your one stop shop for all your requirements on mobile billing, mobile payments and mobile enterprise solutions for your websites and for your IVR based systems.
You will be able to add mobile payment option to your system with our solutions and allow your customers to purchase your products or services from their mobile balance. Your customers will now be able to shop at your online store without having to use credit cards.
Using our mobile payment solutions your customers will just need input their mobile number.
Our mobile applications work with all the major carriers and on most of the smaller carriers. We continue to expand our network to include all ht new carriers as well so that your customers will be able to make successful purchases regardless of the mobile carrier that they are using. In case the user’s mobile carrier is not supported we will intimate you promptly right at the beginning of the transaction so that you will not have to waste your time trying to complete the transaction.
When you make your purchases through SS-Mobile payment system you will not have to incur any additional charges either in the form of service charges or in the form of handling fees. You just need to pay for the product that you will be purchasing. Our system will allow you to make payments worth $1 to $25 for each transaction. Only when the payments are authorized by the account holder the payments will be processed. When you are using our payment option you will however need to incur the expenses on data transfer charges levied by your service provider.Using our mobile payment solutions you will be able to set up monthly subscriptions and you will see your charges appearing in your monthly mobile bill. In case you want to stop the recurring billing you can send opt out request using the “Opt Out” button. You will also be able to opt out of the recurring subscriptions by sending us an email.
We do not charge you any fee for sending and receiving text messages. Your mobile carrier may charge you for the messages that you send during the transaction process plus the data fees. This will however depend purely on your mobile contract with your carrier. If you are in a mobile contract that allows free SMS then you will not have to worry about such charges.
You will be able initiate and complete your transactions in one of the following three ways. You can use the online payment widget to initiate your mobile payment. Here you just need to enter your mobile number in the online widget. You will receive a random generated code as text message to your mobile. You should enter this code to proceed further with the transaction.The second option that you have is through your mobile handset. You will have to send a text message with preset code to initiate the transaction and you will receive the instructions to complete the transaction successfully.The third method is IVR. Here you need to dial a toll free number and follow the instructions given to you through the IVR. Our system will validate your mobile number and your age requirements. Once these steps are successfully completed you will be able to complete the transactions successfully.
No, there is no need to signup for any accounts. You can use our mobile payment option without any need for user name and password. You will enjoy total anonymity while using our payment options. All that you are required to provide our system is your mobile number.
No, absolutely not, this is one of the greatest advantages of using our mobile payment option. You can enjoy 100% privacy as your contact information or your credit card details need not be logged in to our system as you will be required to provide just the mobile number.
Yes, of course our mobile billing system is 100% safe. You will just be providing us with your mobile number. You will not have to worry about credit card scams or identity thefts. Only when the users have their mobiles in their hand it is possible to complete the transaction as the user is required to enter random code sent to the mobile phone. So there is no fear of fraudulent transactions.
No, certainly not. We respect your privacy and we will never sell or share your mobile number with any third parties. We use the mobile number to just charge you for the product or service that you are purchasing.
Yes, it is not necessary to have post paid connection; our payment system will work even with prepaid type of connection. We will charge you from the existing mobile balance. Your transaction will be processed only when you have adequate prepaid balance.
You can stop the monthly subscriptions by using the Opt Out button or by sending an email. You should visit the website that you used to purchase service to initiate the request to stop the monthly subscriptions. It is very easy to opt out of the recurring subscriptions. Depending on your contract with the service provider the subsequent billing will stop. You will find our system highly user friendly regardless of whether you are subscribing for mobile payments or unsubscribing your recurring payments.