Online Mobile Payments

Online Mobile Payments

Provide your customers with mobile payment option which is one of the easiest payment options that you can offer your customers. With our mobile payment solutions your customers will be able to make their payments in few easy clicks. Mobile payment option is faster than credit card payments as your customers need not have to enter long online forms or share sensitive personal information. All that your customers will be required to do is to fill their mobile phone number in the payment widget which is integrated to your website.

Our dependable mobile payments system will send an automatically generated PIN to your customers’ mobile number through SMS. Your customers will be able to complete the transaction by entering the PIN sent to them.

Customers with both prepaid mobile connections as well as post paid mobile connections will be able to use this mobile payments system successfully. Our online mobile payment is one of the safest payment options that you can offer your customers.

If you need custom merchant reporting solutions do feel free to discuss your requirements with our consultants and we will develop end to end solutions to meet your diverse requirements.

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