Data Reconciliation

Are you frequently running into problems not knowing whether your customers that use mobile billing option or mobile payment option are successfully charged or not?

Data Reconciliation

You don’t have to worry any longer as we have a highly sophisticated Data Reconciliation module that will help you get your reports faster than ever with accuracy rates as high as 98%.

You don’t have to wait for 90 days or more whether you will get paid by the mobile carriers. SS-Mobile has come up with highly sophisticated data reconciliation solution that can be integrated to your mobile billing option which will work equally well with pre-paid as well as postpaid connection types.

Our data reconciliation module will give you all the information you will need to know about the mobile billing transactions.

You will know whether a transaction was successful or failure, pending and if so for what reasons etc.

You will even be able to keep track of charge backs; you will get intimations on charge backs within 24 hours.

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