Merchant FAQ

Whether you have an online sales operation or IVR based sales operation it is important to give your customers with as many payment options as possible so that no customer leaves your system without completing the sales transaction just for the want of a better payment option. Along these lines, mobile billing or mobile payment option is one of the most impressive and the most convenient payment solution that you can offer your customers. You will be able to increase your business conversions with our mobile billing solutions. As mobile payments also help users maintain anonymity you will certainly experience a tremendous increase in your website’s conversion rates and improved rate of customer satisfaction.
Many customers today prefer to use mobile payment options because of the convenience the payment method offers the customers. Moreover, as opposed to credit card transactions mobile payments are considered safer as the customer is not required to share any sensitive personal information such as the address, credit card details or bank account information. Users just need to provide their mobile number which will be validated by our system. So more and more customers today prefer to use mobile billing options.
No, certainly not. Mobile billing is not an expensive billing option for the merchants. Unlike before mobile billing is very cost effective these days. With our mobile billing solutions you will in fact be able to increase your profitability on per transaction basis which in turn will improve your overall profit margins. You will be able to save up to 22% on your billing expenses when you choose our mobile payment solutions. You will be able to increase your customer base by offering mobile billing as an additional payment option and these customers will eventually be converted to credit card billing in the subsequent purchases. You will be protecting your business from losing your customers unnecessarily just because some of your customers either don’t have credit cards or that they do not prefer to use credit card.
Though it may be true that mobile billing is marginally expensive for the end users, with the latest economic down turn all the credit card companies are tightening their application procedures and this leaves fewer people with credit cards unlike before whereby getting credit cards was lot easier. This simply means that many customers that like to purchase online or make a purchase through your IVR based system will not be able to use your system simply because they do not have a credit card. Such customers will be able to make a purchase in your website if you provide them with mobile billing options. As such customers do not have the option to choose credit card payment option will automatically be using mobile billing option.
This is a legitimate concern and we can confirm that adding mobile billing options to your system your conversion rates will improve. We are able to give you such firm assurance based on our experience. We have been offering mobile billing solutions to various  brands from diverse niche industries. We have also been offering our mobile payment solutions to social networking sites and our experience assures that there is a minimum of three times increase in the conversion rates as opposed to  regular credit card payment options.
You will certainly not have to entertain any doubts in this regard. Our mobile payment solutions are very user friendly. Even the first time users will be able to complete the transactions successfully without any problem. Your customers will be able to access our mobile payment gateway in number of ways including your website, IVR platform and by sending an SMS to the preset number. Regardless of the method used by the end user to initiate the transaction, we have minimal number of steps in each method. Our mobile payment option is in fact one of the most convenient payment option for your users as your customers just need to input their mobile numbers to initiate the transaction.
We have highly innovative solutions in place where by your customers will be able to purchase products or services that are higher than $10. Some mobile carriers allow up to $19.99 per transaction. You can however be sure regardless of the carrier used, we will comply with their regulations so that your customers will be able to make higher value purchases easily without any problem by following the payment instructions that they will receive during the purchase process.
Yes, SS-Mobile uses advanced fraud control strategies in place whereby the system verifies the mobile phone numbers and only after passing through stringent security checks the end users will be able to proceed with the transactions. We will send the users random PIN which should be entered by the customers to validate their mobile numbers. Moreover, the end users should have their mobile phones in hand to complete the transaction. Your end users will therefore not be able to charge someone else’s phone number for fraudulent transactions.
Yes, our robust system will help you minimize the number of charge backs and thereby increase your profit margins. We have integrated effective tools to minimize charge backs and carrier penalties. We also have access to database of high risk users which we share with our clients and this keeps a close tab on the charge backs. Added to that all charge backs are reported to you within 24 hours.